Building Company reputation Trough EVA

We invite you and your colleagues in your company to attend this BusinessGathering.
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
Led by : Eric Stern

President Stern Stewart International, Europe, Africa, MiddleEast, Asia, Has designed and implemented EVA® programmes for companies throughout theUS and Europe.

Erik co-authored the EVAluation report on cascading EVA toshop-floor employees, The Capitalist Manifesto, and has written for manypublications, including the Financial Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Businessand Global Investor in the UK, Børsen and Berlingske Tidende in Denmark, TheMarker in Israel, and El Mundo in Spain. A global value ranking based on hispioneering metric, the Wealth Added IndexTM, was highlighted in TheEconomist (December 1, 2001). Erik has appeared on TV, including SkyBusiness News and Bloomberg.

His book, The Value Mindset, was published inMarch 2004. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a BA Hons fromBrown University.

Moderator : Deddy Herdiansjah

Academic Director for Management

Bakrie School of Management

He received his Bachelor of Science (S1) from Institut Pertanian Bogor(IPB) in agronomy (1984) and his Master of Science (MSc.) in Natural andResources Economics from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA (1991) with ascholarship from the World Bank.

In the following year Colorado StateUniversity (1992) he then received another masteral degree (MBA) from IPMIwith an award for excellence in Production and Operations Management. Heobtained his PhD. in Business Administration (2001) from College of BusinessAdministration, University of the Philippines, Manila, Philippines, with ascholarship grant awarded by the Canadian International Development Agency(CIDA) through the Association of Deans of Southeast Asian Graduate Schoolof Management (ADSGM).

Note about EVA : The term “Economic Value Added (EVA)” is a registered trademark of SternStewart & Co, Joel M. Stern, managing partner of Stern Stewart since itsinception, is a recognized authority on corporate performance measurementand a pioneer and proponent of shareholder value. Economic value added (EVA)uses accounting information to improve decisions and motivate employees. Although EVA is based on accounting, when implemented the system must besimple and operational or it is irrelevant. EVA is not a metric but a wayof thinking, a mindset. Central to the concept is the idea of opportunitycost. Capital is used in each division of the organization. That division isrequired to earn a rate of return based on the amount of capital it uses andthe cost of that capital.

The firm’s cash flow is subtracted from therequired profits, based on the rate of return, to give economic profits.The EVA concept believes that for every performance measure there is acorresponding wealth measure.

For more information, please contact :

Bakrie School of ManagementBakrie Learning Centre

Telp. 5263274, 5263182

Fax. 5263274, 5276543

Sekar Anindita (ext.8117), e-mail address :

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