Dear Sir / Madam,


From corporate viewpoint, traditionally, organizations have depended
heavily upon a
combination of technology and a guard force to secure their assets. Yet,
have estimated that IT-related theft and fraud reduce corporate profits by
approximately 6%!

The basic concept is that security technology will be optimized when
employees have
an opportunity to help identify vulnerabilities, determine what technology to
utilize, and help build procedures to get the most advantage from the
Holistic security occurs when each of these elements is considered as
security plans
are created.

Effective security risk management does not have to be costly or
intrusive. M.Tech
provides businesses with the entire spectrum of equipment and services
required to
provide your data systems and networking infrastructure with holistic

We would like to invite you to attend our complimentary i.Security Seminar –
Holistic Approach in Security Operations brought to you by Nokia, Blue
Coat, Allot
and Lumension.

What are the topics?

· Managing IT Risk through a combination of best practices
and leading
technologies in network security by Mr Andrew Namboka, Chief Technologist,
Pacific, Nokia Enterprise Solutions

o Discussion on how over-reliance on IT to conduct business can
lead to
higher risk and challenges to IT Security Managers

o What are the available best practices and how to apply them to
manage IT Risk

o Looking at leading technologies today and implementing an
threat management solution to mitigate risk

· WAN Application Delivery – Secures & Accelerates Your
by Mr. PK Lim, Managing!
Director, South Asia and ANZ, Blue Coat Systems, Inc.

The Internet has evolved tremendously, over the years, offering endless
opportunities for you to do business and maintain a healthy relationship
with your
customers. While Web 2.0 or new social networking platforms bring forth new
possibilities, they add new security threats and business risks.
Maintaining a high
level of security without eliminating the productivity gains of Web
technology is

· The DPI Approach to Real-time Visibility and Active
Control of
Enterprise Networks by Mr Alfred Goh, General Mana!
ger, Asia Pacific, Allot Communications

Bandwidth management is not just about speeds, feeds and capacity. It’s about
achieving the real-time visibility and active control to ensure better
performance and security. For enterprises, it’s about optimizing the
delivery and
performance of mission-critical applications and containing network costs.
about the ability to identify denial of service threats and to neutralize
either through early warning, or fast detection and mitigation. Deep packet
inspection (DPI) has a vital role to play in delivering the granular traffic
visibility and control essential for managing networks today.

· Endpoint – The Weakest Link by Mr James Wong, Sales
ASEAN, Lumension Security

New and emerging threats continue to impact endpoint security, which is a
that enterprises constantly face with security and support issues arising
endpoint users and their use of applications and devices. The security
landscape has
shifted from large, widespread attacks at the enterprise perimeter, to
focusing on corporate endpoints, which are traditionally less secure.

(To find out more about our featured speakers, please click on the
individual names


09 April 2008, Wednesday


9.00 am to 5.00 pm


Mercantile club, Penthouse & 17/F, Wisma BCA, Jalan Jenderal, Sudirman
Kav. 22 –
23, Jakarta 12920

Registrations will end by 07 April, Monday. Limited seats are available!

Lunch and Tea-Break will be provided, and you will also stand a chance to
win an
iPod Touch.

To register, please click here.
Alternatively, please contact Desy at (62 21) 5761011 or email

We look forward to welcoming you at this seminar.

Thank you.



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